Planning Our Urban Homestead at a Rental house 

I wanted to drop a note and check in with you all. I realized it had been a while. I have a bazillion ideas swimming around in my head and none of them have made it out lately.

We have some very exciting changes happening at our Nature School Homebase. Our big move in the spring kind of put a hold on everything we had been planning, especially since we are renting for a time. A house in an ultra Urban neighborhood is not exactly the ideal location for our food forest/outdoor classroom. -Or is it?

Planning Urban Homestead Rental House

During the whole of spring Mr. Dad and I decided to leave the yard basically how it was. We didn’t want to plan for next spring because we really don’t want to be here that long. Any kind of big changes would cost time and money. The big question would always be if we really wanted to put that time and money into a house and property that was not ours.

After seeing the delight that what we did plant brought to Squishy, as minimal as it was, we decided it was worth it to us. We also found out that by moving out of the Suburbs to the city we now live under different Zoning laws. These changes would make our little rented Urban Homestead a lot more functional. (This is where Squishy and I were doing our happy dance) I can’t wait to share this journey with you all. Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get all the latest updates.

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