Instagram Challenge  #momsadventuretoo 

I have issued myself a challenge, and I am inviting all of you as well. Because having goals is always easier when you take your friends along. I’ve teamed up with Mom Wears Hiking Boots, and every month we will pick four of our favorite adventure moms to feature.

Spending four months basically confined to the house I had to live vicariously through many of my own memories. As I searched through all my many thousands of photos of Squish’s and my adventures, one thing stood out. Or rather one thing was missing…ME! I can count on one hand how many photos I showed up in over a whole year of adventures. Looking at the pictures actually made me sad.

#momsadventuretoo I'm terrible at selfies
When Squishy is all grown up and looks back, I want him to remember our adventures, of course. More than that though, I also  want him to remember that I was part of the story too.  That we ventured out into the wilderness together. Just like when I look back at my own childhood photos. I search out, not just the ones of me, but how I was interacting with the ones that I love. I want to know who was on that trip to the Grand Canon? Then giggle at the picture of my mom frantically trying to keep us all from the ledge. We all love laughing at moms crazy outfits and hair. By not being in our pictures am I depriving Squishy of part of his memories? I think so.

#momsadventuretoo I was there too
It doesn’t matter to him if I look like a drowned rat after visiting the waterfalls, or if my hair and face is streaked in sweat and mud. My shirt most assuredly is not a name brand and is more than likely streaked with Squishy’s snot. He (hopefully) won’t remember any of that. He is going to remember the sound of my laughter when he sees my smile staring back at him, though. He won’t care that I’m terrible at selfies, and half our faces are cut off. I’m not taking pictures to be in a magazine, after all. We can all laugh at how I have T-Rex arms and can’t figure it out. That is part of the story.

#momsadventuretoo goals work when you have support

The Funny thing is, even though there are a hundred reasons not to take a picture of myself or get in on the picture, most of the time I just forget. It’s not that I am vain, or always want to look my best.  I just get caught up in the moment, the Joy that seems to radiate of Squish when we are exploring. I end up snapping a million pictures of everything but myself.

At the end of the month Erinn and I will look through the Hashtag #momsadventuretoo and pick four of our favorites. The moms that are really getting out there and enjoying the adventure with their kids. We will be giving them a shot out accross all of our social media accounts. Make sure to follow both Instagram accounts (HERE and HERE ) and tag #momsadventuretoo with all the pictures you jump in on. Mom’s are such an important part of our kids stories. Let’s make sure we document that we were there too!

Two Tiny Hands

4 thoughts on “Instagram Challenge  #momsadventuretoo 

  1. Oh my goodness what a brilliant idea. You’re totally right you couldn’t count the photos I am in on one hand too but I would also like them to look back at photos and see themselves with thei mummy. After all I am taking the photos cause I want to see them but so it stands to reason they might want to see me and themselves too! I’ll be sure to add the hashtag, presuming I get in front on the camera! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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