Leprechaun Treats and Leprechaun Traps for our Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration 

One of the things that I love most about homeschooling is that I get to be there for the magic and wonder of Squishy’s childhood. It’s not a teacher that gets to hunt leprechaun’s with him. I get to! I get to see the wheels turning behind his bright blue eyes as he hatches a plan to catch the tricky trickster. I don’t remember where I got the idea, (probably Pinterest) but we started making Leprechaun treats when Squishy was just 2 years old. I wasn’t going to make them at all this year until a certain little boy reminded me that it was time to set our traps.

Now, this is actually a closely guarded family secret. Not too many people know that a leprechaun can not resist the ewie goowie-ness of a leprechaun treat. Not only does that make them perfect bait to lure him in to our trap, it also insures that he will not go too crazy with his naughty tricks at your house.

Making the treats could not be simpler. If you have ever made rice crispy treats, it is that simple. There is just one extra special, super secret ingredient, though.

Leprechaun cereal treats
Squishy had one of his very best buddies come over to help us set our traps, and get a little ewie goowie. They may have been more interested in eating the product than catching the trickster at this point, and really who could blame them. It’s basically just a pan of sugar and deliciousness.

Unfortunately there is no low-calorie, diet version of leprechaun treats. As a disclaimer, I have to say sugar has pretty much no effect on Squish (thank god for small miracles). He is at a level 10 always, so I’m not sure if I would be able to tell the difference anyway. If he wasn’t who he is, I’m pretty sure I would be peeling him off the ceiling at midnight after eating these treats.  It would still be worth it, I’m just warning you to have some coffee ready.

Licking the bowl of leprechaun cereal treats
The kids could not keep their fingers out of this one. The best part is, two four-year olds can pretty much make the entire thing themselves…and did.

Leprechaun Treat Recipe

  • 4  tablespoons butter
  • One bag of marshmallows

Here is the super secret ingredient (shh)

  • One box (about 6 cups) of the cereal with the leprechaun on the box

We lucked out and they had a box with only green clover marshmallows, because everyone knows green is leprechaun’s favorite color…

We used the microwave since the kids were in charge of this batch, but you can absolutely use the stove top.

  • Melt butter
  • Add marshmallows to butter and stir around till they are somewhat covered
  • Heat marshmallows until they are melty (about 2 minutes in my microwave)
  • Add cereal and stir
  • Transfer to a greased baking dish and try to get them evenly spread out.
  • Pop in the freezer (and try not to forget they are in there) for about 10 minutes.
  • Enjoy!

Now that the treats are made it’s time to get serious about setting that trap. Squishy had been planning out his device all week. He chose to go with a simple design, without too many bells and whistles. I was kind of impressed to tell you the truth. In the three years of setting these traps we have always come just a hair away from catching him, but he always manages to escape our clutches. Squishy was convinced that this year would be his year. He even did a couple of test runs, which I have to say was completely adorable.

Leprechaun trap
He added the turtles to his design not only to hold up the trap, but also to act as a camouflage diversion. Since they are green, and that is the leprechaun’s favorite color after all. The trip wire was just some added brilliance, I think. After all was said and done, though, Squishy would have to wait until morning to see if we caught the sneaky scoundrel. You see, just like Santa, our Skillywidden only comes when you are fast asleep.

As I went to the kitchen for some water, just after midnight, I thought I spied a flash of green out of the corner of my eye. It was then I saw the bit of notebook paper that had been turned to gold. It looks like he escaped again this year after all, but he just might have left a little gift for a thoughtful boy.

Leprechaun trap
As I have said, I feel extremely lucky that I get to experience these silly, fun learning moments with my son. Not only that, but he was actually doing school all day. He was learning and practicing his skills without even realising it. We worked on math while we were cooking. Then we had a small language arts break while we munched on some of the treats and had a bit of a read aloud. Science, engineering, and critical thinking were all incorporated throughout our day. Not to mention the fine motor work he implemented when he tied the knots of his trip wire.

Our homeschool does not look like a public school. It doesn’t have to.

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