We are “Humans of the Outdoors”

Maman On The Trail featured us in her “Humans of the Outdoors” series. I realized after reading it, that her article may actually give my readers a little bit more insight into who I am. 

“The main reason I started my blog is to encourage every parent to take their kids outside. You do not have to have all the fancy equipment, or know all the best trails. “Last Child in the Woods”* had a profound impact on how I am approaching our homeschool journey. My son has some sensory issues, and being out in nature brings us both back to center. I joke that I can always tell when Squishy has been inside four walls too long.”

Maman On The Trail features so many great mom’s and dad’s who are just like you and me. People who just want to get outdoors with their kids. I have met a lot of like minded friends through her special series, and I hope you will, too.  

Click here to read her blog
Click here to check out her IG account

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