Book Review: Little Lost Angel

I haven’t done a book review in a while. Mostly because we haven’t been able to get to the library. Daddy was kind enough to get our totes of Christmas out of the garage this last weekend, and with it was our piles of Christmas books. Some I have bought for Squishy, but most of them were gifts or hand me downs from his cousin. Then some of them I have no idea where they came from.


Book Review Lost Little Angel

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Squishy’s favorite book this season is one of those that I have no idea where it came from. I don’t even remember if I had this book last year, but we have been reading it a couple of times a day since it came out of storage. I am thinking that I must have picked it up from the used bookstore, on one of our visits to see Mother Goose, but really I have no clue. I know that it’s very old. There is an inscription on the inside cover “for Billy, from Grandma” dated 1963.  Squishy asks who Billy is every time we read “Lost Little Angel“. So far I’ve just told him Billy was just another little boy who loves Christmas, and let him make up his own mind. I do find it interesting that the book was given to Billy in August, though…

Book Review Lost Little Angel
I just love old books. They have a different feel to them. A slightly musty smell that makes me feel warm and cozy inside. The book is long out of print, but I did find a couple of copies on Amazon if you want to look it up.

It is such a sweet story. A little Angel comes down from heaven to welcome the new King on the very first Christmas Eve. The poor thing gets lost and tries to find her way back to heaven. Along the way she meets some people who need her help. She gives pieces of herself in order to help them. It is not about the material things, like so many other Christmas books, but of truly seeing a need in someone’s heart. She gives of herself, even giving away her wings, and doesn’t know how her gifts changed these people’s lives.

It is so hard to focus on what Christmas truly means with so much materialism thrown at you. Songs of Joy, a crown of kindness, wings of mercy, and the love of a child. These may not be things you can wrap up and put under a tree, but they are the gifts that can change the world. This is a wonderful book to go along with a Kindness Advent Calendar, and it shows the true rewards of a kind heart.

Squishy has also been lovingThe Spirit of Christmas -a giving tradition“. This book was put out by the Salvation Army, and Squishy got it from his Aunty Book last year for his birthday. (I know that because she also wrote an inscription on the inside cover…Seriously love when people do that!)

In this story a little boy wants to help Santa get toys to children who are less fortunate than him. The little boy, Drew, writes a very moving letter to Santa. He doesn’t ask for toys, just help sharing the toys he no longer uses. Santa is so moved by little Drew’s letter that he sends him a special Sack with instructions. He tells Drew to fill the Sack and leave it under the tree.

The Spirit of Christmas-a giving tradition- put out by the Salvation Army
The book comes with a burlap sack that your child can fill up for Santa, as well. Squishy was so excited to fill up this bag last year right after we finished reading it the first time. He kept asking when Santa was going to come pick it up so that those kids with no toys would have a good Christmas. This book actually helps me in two ways; helping to teach Squishy about giving and compassion, and our annual purge happens without any tears. We are in the midst of our annual purge again, and he has already started filling up his sack. I love the joy in which he gives to others.

What are some of your favorite holiday books and giving traditions?


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