Borax Free Snail Slime: An Invitation to Play

We had a loss today. Our fish tank’s resident snail had become lunch to Squishy’s crawdad. Luckily for us, Crustacean left the shell pretty much intact. Squishy and I spent the morning examining the snails home, deciding that it was much different from the snails we find in the garden. The shell was much harder, and didn’t crumble under intense examination. It was much more colorful, too. Squishy also noticed that the spirals came out to a point, instead of being mostly flat.

Freshwater Blue Inca Snail

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All the talk about snails gave me a great idea for today’s science experience. We will make Snail Slime! Patting myself on the back for my brilliance; I left Squishy with his magnifying glass and went to raid the cupboards. My go to recipe calls for School glue and Borax. It’s not the best for young toddlers who might mouth it, but creates a nice smooth Slime…with little mess. BUT I was out of  Borax! Oh the humanity!!!

No need to scrap the idea too soon. I remembered pinning a recipe to my Pinterest board. I had never actually tried it out, but it was a No-Borax recipe. You can find the original post HERE. Her recipe calls for Metamucil (with psyllium husk), which I didn’t have either. So, I figured, it’s a science day let’s really experiment. I mean, I wasn’t going to the store for this.

Borax free Slime
I found some whole Psyllium Husk way back in the spice cupboard ( I am pretty sure it was left over from when my grandmother was living with us). I figured that was the main ingredient that was needed for the “gel” to happen, so it was close enough. Since we were not using Metamucil, it was colorless. We were making Snail Slime here, so we needed to add a bit of color, too. Squishy decided orange was good  for Snail Slime.

The whole process is pretty simple, and takes less than 10 minutes to throw together. Squishy did most of it himself.

Side note: I know you all want to see pictures of his adorable-ness but Squishy refused to put clothes on today. So pictures are limited.

Use a very large microwave safe mixing bowl. I recommend a clear Pyrex  one so you can see the magic happen. The mixture expands in the microwave so it is really important to have a big enough bowl.
Borax Free Snail Slime Just Two Ingredients
All you have to do to make this super squishy concoction is add 1 cup of water with 1 tablespoon of the Psyllium Husk. Whisk together for about two to three minutes, and add a couple drops of food coloring. Then you pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes.
Kid friendly borax free Slime recipe
That is it! Squishy really loved watching the mixture bubble up and grow inside the microwave. The bubble deflated when the microwave turned off, and it is really hot when it comes out. So be careful! It was hard to resist playing with, but luckily it was time to eat. We set it aside while we ate lunch and came back to it after it cooled.
Borax Free Snail Slime Recipe

The Snail Slime was a huge success. Though it is worth noting that the texture is completely different from the borax recipe. When I first read up on this Slime, it said that it would not stick to your hands and was relatively mess free…I did NOT find that to be true, lol. But that could be because we really pushed and pulled on it, and we used the pure psyllium husk. Whatever the reason, it was pure messy fun!
After our Slime had cooled, I had Squishy clean up his lunch and I set out an invitation for him to play. My interpretation of an invitation, is that I set out a bunch of seemingly random loose parts for him to explore. Ours are usually sensory related, and I try to have it match the theme of the day. I wish that I had pretty trays and containers for Squishy. But I don’t, so I usually just spread it out on our play dough mats.
Snail Slime an Invitation to play
For our Snail Slime invitation I added a piece of palm tree that Squishy had in his “collection”, some of the raw Psyllium husk, and the snail-shell of course. The Slime almost looked like it was full of glitter, it was so shiny. It was just the leftover bits of husk, though. Then I sat back and watched the wheels in Squishy’s head start turning.  He spent 3 hours playing and imagining with our Snail Slime, so I call that a successful endeavor. He decided we needed to add rocks to our loose parts, and spent his afternoon happily squashing and pulling on the Slime. Rocks were engulfed in the monster Slime, he rolled it up and put the Snail shell on it, and he squished it up into a tiny container making it an octopus.

Snail Slime borax free
After we were done and cleaning up today, Squishy turned to me with a big grin, “I love this Slime so much mommy, can we make this again and again?” Well, that is the best testimonial I have gotten in a while. I hope you find this recipe as fun as we did, and I would love to hear your experience.


Borax Free Snail Slime

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