Squishy-ism #10

Miss Katie is going to have a baby any day, and squishy is just amazed by this. He often will just come up with things at random about mommy’s having babies. Like when he said, “Mommy’s have eggs in their tummy so they don’t have to make a nest”. That was last week after adventure school. Today, though, today had me laughing. 
“Mommy you know what?!?”

A phrase that always makes me a little curious and a lot frightened at the same time. Second scariest words to come out of his mouth, actually. The only thing worse is when I hear he has an idea. 

“When babies are in their mommy’s tummy…They.Are…Naked!” Then he busts up laughing hysterically. 

Then he gets all serious “Babies are naked A LOT Mom, but that is ok, because they are babies and they don’t know about Velcro yet.” 

Um, Ok bud. His mind amazes me everyday, but I’m glad I don’t have to live with all those thoughts. It’s like they are wild mustangs running around in his brain. It’s exhausting just listening to the ideas he shares with me. 

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