Squishy-ism #9

I know that as Squish gets older his requests are going to make me re-think some of the freedoms I’ve let him have. Like bringing home a craw-dad to keep as a pet. That said, I was not expecting a request to learn how to milk a snake quite this soon. Milk a cow, sure, not a snake! I sometimes feel bad that so many of his interests have to be put on hold until he is older and can fully grasp the dangers.

Squishy over breakfast: “Mom can we go out and find a rattlesnake?”

Me: Trying to get my first sip of coffee from going up my nose…”why”

Squishy: “I want to milk it and make medicine.”

I wish that I could just brush it off as a childhood imagining, but I know that if I left it there and did not address his desire he might actually try it.

After his next bite of French Toast: “Did you know Komodo Dragons eat deer and sea turtles? I want to hug one.”

So our morning conversation shifts to talk about venomous reptiles. We decided that he will have to wait until he is at least 17 and can take some courses on venomous reptile handling before he can touch anything that has venom. Then we watched Venom Island AGAIN and focused on how Dr. Fry uses a stick when around the dragons.

I honestly have no idea when would be a good time to learn about handling Venomous reptiles, but I’m pretty sure 3 is a bit too young. We are signed up for a reptile class at the zoo tomorrow, hopefully they will have more information for him.  I am finding myself searching google more than I care to admit.

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