Squishy-ism #7

Besides being out in the great outdoors, Squishy’s next favorite place is our hometown zoo. We spend many, many hours studying each animal. Today was no different…

Watching the new baby peccary nursing…”awe look at the babies getting milk! They must be mammals. After the baby is done with the milk, then the mommy can share with me. Just like the cows do. Do you think they make small enough machines to suck out their milk?”

Moving on to the bird exhibit; we were lucky to  get there at feeding time. After hearing me and squishy talking about an animal being a carnivore, the zoo keeper asked if we were learning about carnivores. I just smiled and said that he just likes to know what things eat…he then starts talking to her (for 20 minutes) about why he thinks condors eat dead things, and how it’s kind of how we eat stuff that we don’t kill. Except we buy ours in the store and don’t eat dead meat out of the street…because, you know, the harmful bacteria. But he would really rather be like an eagle. Bless her heart, I think she was enjoying the conversation as much as him. And I got a 20 minute break 🐸

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