Lazy Saturday with our “pets”

I often wonder what other people are up to on Saturday mornings. It is usually our lazy, stay around the house and enjoy each other day. We do most of our adventuring during the week, when other kids are in school and the trails are empty. Saturday is also the morning that Daddy gets to spend with us, before he gets called back to work. I give a vague attempt to put the house back together, and get Squish’s projects wrapped up.

Squishy has been accumulating a collection of pets lately (I’m pretty sure I will have a full on zoo by the time he is 5). Saturday morning is a time to make sure all our “habitats” are livable, clean, and making our animals happy. And even though Squish is not quite four, they are mostly his responsibility. We acquired a new friend yesterday at Adventure School (a small, unstructured, once a week co op). As soon as the net came out of the water, Squishy proclaimed that he would be living with us. 

Our morning involved getting our fish tank ready to house this little guy. I am going to admit, I need to learn to tell him no. No to all these crazy animals. I just can’t do it! Not when he gets so excited, and loves them all. Not when I hear him telling his dad “Look the froglets tail is almost gone! Do you want to give him a kiss? Frogs love kisses!” So we used our favorite search engine to research everything we could about how to make “crustacean” the crawdad happy and safe. I was actually surprised how easy this guy was going to meld into our menagerie.

we found out that they are escape artists, so a little prevention was nessesary

A little tin foil over the filter, making sure the foil doesn’t touch the water, was all the prep we needed to do. Crustacean was a happy camper as soon as he was transferred to the tank. Scuttling backwards and trying in vain to catch the fish who are now taunting him. It’s actually kind of hilarious. I am so glad that I did say yes to this little guy. He really animates the tank, and has only tried to escape a half a dozen times.

Squish was fascinated with the swimmerettes

Lazy days around here usually mean clothing is optional, but our animals needs are not. After crustacean was safely re-homed, it was time to clean out speedy’s cage. It’s a little over Squish’s ability still, so I get to do the fun poop clean up, while squishy and speedy get their bonding time in. 

I swear squishy saves up all of his quiet and stillness for this lizard, because it’s the only time he sits this still willingly. He is now building a bridge across the living room to connect the couches, while watching Clutch Powers build a spaceship, while standing on his head. Haha, yep Lazy Saturday morning. What does yours look like?

If you are wanting to invite a crayfish to your house, here are a couple of tools to make it easier:

  • Any good fish tank with a lid, light and a filter will work. It’s recommended to have 1 crayfish per 10 gallons.

  • If you need to catch your friend try a simple wide mouth net, I’m still afraid to touch them with my hands

  • Shrimp pellets seem to be the food of choice, but they are also bottom feeders if you have them in an established tank.

  • Or if you can’t go catch one yourself

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