Trail Master Squishy (Lewis Creek part 3) 

I love revisiting trails with Squishy. Not only can we see how the seasons change the terrain, but there is the confidence I see in him growing with each visit.  A couple of small differences in our trip to Lewis Creek made a big impact, and are worth noting. 
First; I invested in a real pack for Squishy. It fit him so much better than his monkey backpack, with a chest and hip clips. As an added fun bonus, it also has a built in safety whistle (And Slim has a matching pack, with a matching whistle) Squishy’s pack is almost identical to the Osprey backpack here. The most important aspect was the wide hip straps and clip. Squishy and Slim both ended up wearing their packs the whole 3 miles. 

Second; Bringing Slim and his sis along, was probably the best part of the trip. They encouraged each other, worked together, and built solid memories. I worry, as a homeschool kid, about the friends Squishy will have. I actually didn’t start worrying until people started asking me about it, but now it’s there in the back of my mind. The truth is, though, that at three years old Squishy CHOOSES who his friends are. They are quality friends who share his interests.  He chose Slim, and I couldn’t be happier that they work on their friendship together. 

Third; I forgot my bug spray!!! Which was probably the worst part of the trip. I want to say that I will never forget it again, but I always forget at least one thing.  In the video you can actually see the bugs swirling around our heads. Which brings me to..
Lastly; We decided to film our hike. We choose to take video mostly so Squishy’s dad can experience our adventures too. He works extremely hard and extremely long hours in order to provide Squishy with the environment that he needs to thrive. I get to stay home and nurture my wild child, and I never take that for granted. Even though we are a team, he often misses out on the fun. I am not a filming and editing expert, but I thought that maybe someone else would enjoy our loud romp through the Sierra’s. My hope is that it will inspire and encourage your little adventurers. 

If you missed part 1squishy’s first hike or part 2 barefoot in the woods

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