Squishy met a chicken

Have you ever met anyone who is just crazy in tune with animals? All animals; dogs, cats, er toads and lizards doesn’t matter. Squishy can read an animals body language better than he can read a person, and his favorite species is birds. It’s a running joke in the family that his spirit animal may be the owl, because neither of them sleep at night. When we go to the zoo, he is insistent that we walk through the aviary first, and if we miss the bird show the trip could be ruined. While most kids love to pet the sweet cow, or brush the cute goats at the petting zoo, Squishy stalks the chickens. Ever so slowly and quietly, two things he saves just for this time, he tries to coax the chickens into his grasp.  It never works out. He will usually get a slight pat or two, but he hasn’t given up yet.

So, when we went over to Slim’s house to play last week, and he found out that not only do they have chickens he would get to hold one; it may have been one of the best days of Squishy’s young life. Quite possibly one of his biggest dreams come true. Especially when miss Katie let him check the coup and he found a big warm egg. He now believes that all eggs come from miss Katie’s chickens, and I don’t plan on popping that bubble of thought anytime soon. Not with him asking for eggs every morning and actually eating them. img_4972


A chicken coup may get added to our home school curriculum, if it means that he will actually eat.

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